The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Tribal Enterprises are the future of the Tolowa Dee-ni'. They provide the Tribe with the resources to build and upgrade health, social services, education programs and housing within tribal community.Enterprise Map

  1. K'vsh-chu Tribal Office
    140 Rowdy Creek Road
    Smith River, CA 95567
  2. Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery
  3. CFS, Tribal FRC and Tribal Court
    110 First Street
    Smith River, CA 95567
  4. Howonquet Early Learning Program
    12845 Mouth of Smith River Road
    Smith River, CA 95567
  5. Lucky 7 Casino and Howonquet Lodge
    350 N Indian Road
    Smith River, CA 95567-9474
  6. Lucky 7 Fuel Mart
    13450 U.S. Highway 101 N
    Smith River, CA 95567
  7. United Indian Health Services
  8. Howonquet Hall Community Center
    101 Indian Court
    Smith River, CA 95567
  9. Gilbert Creek Maintenance Facility
    16810 Oceanview Drive
    Smith River, CA 95567
  10. Kamph Park and Beach Access
  11. Pelican State Beach and Beach Access and Beach Access