The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Tribal Enterprises are the future of the Tolowa Dee-ni'. They provide the Tribe with the resources to build and upgrade health, social services, education programs and housing within tribal community.Enterprise Map

  1. Tribal Admin. Office (K'vsh-chu)
    140 Rowdy Creek Road
    Smith River, CA 95567
  2. Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery (Lhuk Mvsr-xee-ye')
  3. TDN Court, CFS, DVSA, TANF (Nuu-da'-ye'-dvn)
    110 First Street
    Smith River, CA 95567
  4. Howonquet Village & Resort (Xaa-wan'-k'wvt)
  5. Headstart (Xaa-wan'-k'wvt Me'-'aa-wvtlth-ts'it)
    12845 Mouth of Smith River Road
    Smith River, CA 95567
  6. New Admin Building (Taa-xe Kaa-nvsh)
  7. Lucky 7 Casino / Howonquet Lodge (Na'-lee-dvn)
    350 N Indian Road
    Smith River, CA 95567-9474
  8. Lucky 7 Fuel Mart (Ch'vtlh-k'ee-ne'-dvn)
    13450 U.S. Highway 101 N
    Smith River, CA 95567
  9. Howonquet Hall Community Center (Ch'aa-may-dvn)
    101 Indian Court
    Smith River, CA 95567
  10. United Indian Health Services (Ch'aa-may-dvn)
  11. Dat'-naa-svt Community Center (Dat-naa-svt) 
  12. Housing (Dat-naa-svt)
  13. Gilbert Creek Facility / PWF (Sri'-srwvlh)
    16810 Oceanview Drive
    Smith River, CA 95567
  14. Kamph Park and Beach Access
  15. Pelican State Beach Access