Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services

  • Program Services Overview

    At Shu'-'aa-xuu-dvn (In A Good Way Place) Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program we provide domestic violence and sexual assault services to any tribally affiliated person that has experienced domestic violence/sexual assault:

    • Man, woman, or child
    • A victim with native a child/children
    • A victim with a native abuser
    • Or any combination of these criteria
  • Services Available

    We also offer a full range of comprehensive services and work with, and alongside, other tribal departments and programs, other tribes, and non-tribal community partners. Our services include:

    • Assistance Locating Safe Permanent Housing
    • Community Education and Outreach
    • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault (DV/SA) Emergency Shelter Assistance
    • DV/SA Transitional Housing Services
    • Emergency Supplies
    • One to One DV/SA Peer Counseling
    • Relocation Assistance
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Victim Assistance Navigating Court Systems (Tribal and State)
    • Victim Court Advocacy
  • Contact

    Address: 110 W First Street
    Smith River, CA 95567
    Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Confidential 24-hour Crisis Line: 707-487-3175