Head Start Parents

When Head Start parents document Xaa-wan’-k’wvt Early Learning Program (X.E.L.P.s) School Readiness Objectives, such as read at least one book to your child every week, their time counts toward a donation to our Head Start program. This is called an in-kind donation. It is an opportunity for our Head Start parents to "Give Back" to our program. View information on School Readiness for Parents.

Facebook Page: Howonquet Head Start Parent Committee 2017 to 2018

This Facebook page is administered by the Head Start Parent Committee and is a closed informational page available only to our X.E.L.P. parents. You can ask to join this closed group on Facebook if you are a parent who has a child enrolled in our program.

Child Development Milestones

Find resources on different milestones in children.

Pre-Enrollment Application

Please submit a completed application (PDF) and supporting documents to:
Education Department
140 Rowdy Creek Road
Smith River, CA 95567
Email Mattie Castellaw