Marine Division

Marine Program

The Nvn-nvst-'aa~-ta Marine Program collects data and manages projects and partnerships intended to inform trust resource management and identify trust resource concerns related to TDN’s coastal and marine resources. This program also collects traditional knowledge that continually reinforces scientific data collected on marine resources and stewardship practices that ultimately inform the Harvest Title in the pursuit of co-management. The goals of this Program, most recently approved by Council in 2018 as part of the Tribal Five-Year

Environmental Plan, include:

  • Protect legal rights for Tribal onshore/nearshore ocean harvesting;
  • Gather baseline and/or monitoring data on priority species, related habitats, indicators, and human uses;
  • Develop Netlh-‘ii~-ne Stewards program to include Tribal Resource Specialists and Conservation Officer to enforce Harvest Title

The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation has always relied on the ocean for our lifeway since time immemorial and marine resources are integral to our lifeways. The ability to continue to practice these marine subsistence, ceremonial, and customary uses is inherent to us. With these practices comes a responsibility to assure the health and vitality of this rich environment and resources for future generations of the Tolowa Dee-ni'. 

The need for the Tribe to engage as a sovereign nation in areas of ocean governance and tribal marine planning cannot be understated. Neither can the rich indigenous knowledge, our inherent responsibility of stewardship, the inextricable link to marine ecosystems that permeates our lifeways, our high quality science and research, and our ability to be good managers of our ancestral lands and waters. The Tribe has been building our capacity for ocean planning, governance and management since proudly launching the Marine Program in 2012.