Debbie Boardman

Debbie BoardmanDebbie Boardman, Secretary

Term: 2020 to 2023
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Tribal Council Secretary Debbie Boardman is a descendant of DaHo Tra, Cha-met, and Sarah Payne, and is the daughter of the late Jean (Gardner) Boardman. She is a life-long resident of Harbor, Oregon.

Debbie worked for the Nation from 2011 until being elected to Tribal Council in 2020. For the majority of that time, she was the Recording Secretary for Tribal Council. Before she joined the Nation as an employee, Debbie worked in the local hardware and building materials industry for twenty-two years.

She is a member of the Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery Board and an alternate to the United Indian Health Services Board. Children and their well-being, physically and mentally, are the main concerns for her. Much of her free time is spent camping, hunting, and fishing with family.