Self-Sufficiency Division

The Self-Sufficiency Division houses the following programs:

  1. Tribal TANF program

Tribal TANF is an assistance program for American Indians and Alaska Native that provide cash aid and supportive services to eligible needy children, families, and non-needy caretakers. The goal is to help families achieve self-sufficiency through education, career development, training, employment, and temporary financial assistance.

  • Services may include:
    • Cash assistance
    • Employment assistance
    • Educational assistance
    • Diversion services
    • Emergency services or Non-recurrent short-term benefits
    • Support Services may include, but are not limited to:
      • Educational activities designed to increase economic self-sufficiency
      • Work Participation-related Expenses
      • Culturally relevant supportive services and activities which foster self-sufficiency
      • Substance Abuse education and prevention services for families and children
      • Parenting skills and training
  • May be eligible for Tribal TANF if:
    •   Reside in the 5 counties (Coos, Curry, Del Norte, Humboldt, and Josephine) service area
      • California Residents: must be enrolled TDN Citizen
      • Oregon residents: Are TDN Citizens or members of a federally recognized American Indian tribe
        • Some Coos County tribes opted to not allow their members to participate in our Tribal TANF program, therefore, there are excluded tribes
    • Are a parent or non-needy caretaker of a child aged 0 – 18 who attends school regularly and will graduate by age 19
    • Meet income and resource eligibility criteria
    • Have not received 60 months of Federal TANF benefits through another tribe or social service agency
    • Are able to meet work participation requirements
  1. Child Care Assistance Program
  1. Tribal service programs