Renewable Energy at Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery

This project was 100% funded through the Department of Energy Tribal Energy Program and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Fish Hatchery Maintenance Program.

The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation (TDN) developed a solar photovoltaic approximately 113.4 kW clean energy system to meet electric power needs at the Tribally-owned and operated Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery (RCFH) located in Smith River (pop. 871) in northernmost California. An estimated 85% of electrical energy usage was replaced with a renewable solar source, significantly reducing the hatchery's carbon footprint.

The grid-tied system eliminated an estimated 94% of the total annual utility costs for electricity. The project resulted in a significant reduction of electricity costs, and benefits the environment due to a reduced carbon footprint. This project serves as a cornerstone for future energy efficiency projects for the TDN. The Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation has set a goal of reducing total energy usage by 20% within the next five years (TDN Strategic Energy Plan 2017).