Medical Assistance

This service is available to all Tolowa Dee-ni' Tribal Citizens. This program was established to benefit and enrich the lives of our Tribal Citizens by providing transportation/lodging reimbursements for medical care not available in their community.


Medical Assistance Grant Awards annual maximum allowance shall not exceed $750. The allowance is $75 for trips one-way from 50 to 199 miles, or $150 for trips one-way from more than 200 miles, from a Tribal Citizens home.

Payments are not made retroactively; Tribal Citizens have the responsibility to request assistance prior to the appointment date, or in the case of an emergency, ten business days of the appointment.

Enrolled Citizens of Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation may choose to use their medical assistance on behalf of their legal spouse, but the allowance will not exceed the payment standard in any applicable category.

Hospitalization Assistance

Available for members or their spouse who are hospitalized. Members or their spouses are eligible for $100 a day after a verified hospitalization of three consecutive days; up to, and not to exceed, $1,000 for inpatient treatment.

This is limited to one per calendar year per member.

Consecutive Treatment/Long Term Therapy

Long-term therapy or consecutive treatment is available for certain life-threatening conditions including, but not limited to cancer, renal failure, neurological disorders, and coronary heart disease. Is intended to help offset the cost of extended and/or repeated treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and kidney dialysis.

This is limited to one per calendar year per member.