Terile Keevil


Teri is descended from Clyde and Etta Henry Richards. Her parents were Myrtle Richards and Robert Husberg, Sr. Born and raised in Del Norte County.

In November 2021, Teri was nominated by the sitting Tribal Council to fill a vacated Council seat and was sworn into office on November 18, 2021. The term she is currently serving runs out in May 2022. She has prior experience serving on the Tribal Council and was elected in 2006(?). During her career outside of Tribal employment, she worked for Del Norte County and the legal field both in a private practice and for the last six and one-half years as an independent contractor for Del Norte Superior Court.

Much of her free time is spent with her husband, grandchildren, immediate family members, and friends. She enjoys excursions to the beach, bike riding, swimming, camping, beading, reading, playing musical instruments, and traveling into Oregon and Washington.