Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (GAP) – This funding provides opportunity for the Nation to strengthen and increase capacity for environmental management decisions, designing projects and programs that respond to environmental threats, and to access other funding sources. This guidance enhances the Nation's ability to build tribal environmental program capacities that are aligned with the Nation's long-term goals, and measuring environmental program development progress over time.
 This program provides funding for program administration, information management, the Tribal Environmental Plan, communications- education and outreach, consultation, coordination and partnerships, professional development, solid waste management and baseline needs assessments.

Clean Water Act (CWA) 319– This funding is to develop and finalize the See-cha~ Tr'ee-ghii~-i~ (Lopez Creek) Watershed Plan, with goals to identify and select priority projects related to resource concerns for water and non-point source pollution in this watershed. See-cha~ Tr'ee-ghii~-li~ is currently the sole source for the Nation's drinking water system. 

Brownfields Multipurpose Clean-up– This funding provides for planning, abatement and clean-up of the Xaa-wan'-k'wvt Village and Resort South R.V. Park Recreational Hall, the old Ship Ashore Registration office and surrounding parking area, and the existing Maintenance Yard. Clean-up activities will result in the restoration of ~11 acres for cultural, recreational and commercial uses. The Nation's intention is to continue active stewardship of the landscape through cleanup, redevelopment and restoration initiatives; with a vision to transform the village into a focal point of the surrounding region, while improving the health and safety of our community; contributing to broader environmental preservation and habitat restoration; and increasing local economic opportunities. 

Clean Water Act (CWA) 106- Coming soon